Thursday, July 23, 2009


John Patrick Deza said...

damn, I wish I had your skills!
Your concepts are so detailed, it's awesome.

I am more of a mood painter or a storyboarder, but I want that thinking of an industrial designer, too D:

I am happy to see that you update your blog more often lately as I've been following your blog for a while.

Jesper Andersen aka. 'ScribbleHEAD' said...

Hehe thanks alot dude, that means alot actually....i never took an industrial designers class so its great to hear compliments :).

Yea ill be updating way more frequently now.

Thanks again for stopping by :D

Eric Desideriu said...

At least an update, expected damn good design dude:)
Do not leave again, update more often,

Jesper Andersen aka. 'ScribbleHEAD' said...

hehe i won't :P - thanks man! :D

Lady T said...

Hey Jesper how's it going??
These are really cool, did you just do them straight into Photoshop?
Gonna do coloured versions next? :)

Jesper Andersen aka. 'ScribbleHEAD' said...

Hey trudi, i did a rough model in SketchUP and then took it to photoshop, otherwise dealing with perspective would've been time consuming.

Yep color version is up next - gonna do a few characters, some technical stuff and environments before i get onto it though, don't wanna burn out on it :P.

I'm good, how are you doing - i hear the weather isnt working out in FFM? :)

Lady T said...

Ahh Sketch Up, I see the guys use that too :) I need to learn it better.

The weather's been so great here I'm off to Australia on holiday for 3 weeks next week ;) It's been a big mixture, though it's currently boiling :s

Jesper Andersen 'ScribbleHEAD' said...

Uhh have fun then :D

Yea, 3d is a huge help for production artists.....its the same with textures, nobody wants to spend 2 hours painting a concrete floor, when you can just use a photo texture :)