Sunday, February 07, 2010

Started tinkering with a new personal project idea, that could spawn some cool stuff that i don't normally do....been hugely fascinated with mad max after watching Book of eli as well as The Road.

Lately Hanno as well pointed out that my portfolio is too specific to cater to a wider audience so i decided now to widen my range, and move a bit away from the sci-fi stuff...for now.

Next up is a guntruck - and thats even a military like term :O....and then a few post-apocalyptic residents... :D


Lady T said...

Oooh how did I not see this? Well cool!! Did you model in Sketchup first? :) Looks nice and chunky, would trust this to protect me ;)

(Btw I loved the book of The Road, is the film any good?)

dchan said...

Damn what are doing stealing my personal project you ¨unt! Dont make me come over there!

Btw THIS is concept art! nice work looks massive and heavy! big ups bro.

Jesper Andersen 'ScribbleHEAD' said...

Trudi> Yep modelled in Sketchup, - kitbashing alot of stuff together :D.
The Road is really unrelenting, doesnt have alot of action either, but the atmosphere of the movie is just brilliant...hurts to actually watch it sometimes. (Book of Eli was better i thought though).

Dennis> Haha sorry dude :P feel free to bash me in your book XD.

Thanks though :D