Monday, March 01, 2010

My entry for the ConceptArt 'Industrial Design of the Week'.
Topic was 'Near future tactical bomber' which is basically any fighter too with a big enough cargo hold or ability to carry i went with the russian's this time around.

I looked alot at the designs for the f-22  raptor and f-35 (joint strike fighter)...though i always thought the russians, made the most badass aircrafts, they might not have all the fancy tech - but hell i wouldn't want a sukhoi su-35 dogfighting me XD


dchan said...

OK! I've given up my post apocalyptic project now because of you biiiaaattccchh! Must say really nice job so far, frrruuucking love the character assshole! love you u know that ( sucka punch) peace keep up the good work

Jesper Andersen 'ScribbleHEAD' said...

Hahaha aww come on, i can help you then XD, seriously tho...fucking ace videos you're doing too dude - keep on trucking and keeping it 'real!

r4Tman said...

This thing r0ckz!!11 Got any more of this?