Friday, May 06, 2011

Grøn Koncert / Green Concert Tshirt Designs

Did these for a competition recently held for an annual danish (predominantly rock)-concert.
I was hugely inspired by the old "merrie melodies" cartoons from the 1930's and McBess' style.

The idea was to hit an image or design that could cater to a wide audience (ages 10-90 are actually attending the concerts).
The early sketches materialized into the (somewhat) final designs, where i only got to color the 1st and send it off, i deemed the trees, and so did my peers, that it probably catered to a more narrow audience.
Albeit it was the most fun to work on :).
Also because of the age span, i wasn't comfortable with showing beverages in an image and showing (even if it was trees) characters having a 'good' time.

Here's a few progress shots of the colored final design.

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Billy Wimblett said...

Nice graphic design mate :)