Monday, February 20, 2012

Something quite different...cocktails!

After a successful celebrations of my girlfriends birthday just this weekend i thought i might as well post a few of the quirky illustrations i did for her, her party theme was cocktails - so i offered to paint up a few cocktail recipes for her friends to mix.
All in all there's around 14-15 drinks, i had to duplicate some because and focus on adding the cocktails "identity" in some made up logos (text mixed with quick color/illu ideas). Its nothing fancy but she liked 'em and i thought it was hella fun to try and do :).

I wonder if a book would be cool...hmmm

Here's an overview of the drinks.
All of the pieces had the ingredients in front, my gf's party logo thing and a description on how to produce the said cocktail.

just had to do this one :P

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