Monday, January 30, 2012

Exit please?

Here's my take on the exit door.

The exit door in the orginal doom is one of those hallmark designs that, bar that you've played doom ofcourse, you'll recognize anywhere.
It has a distinct H.R Giger'ish feel to it.
It, quite rightly so i suppose, stands out from everything else pretty much in the entire game.
This was sort of in doom 3 changed to an elevator or the airlock (which granted was quite cool actually :)).

I've tried to hit something in-between'ish and like with the rest of the door designs it had to fit an overall style (where the round iconic cables didn't really fit well with) - i've tried to remedy the missing cables with a strict set of tubes...i think i'll try and hint at it being an exit without resorting to a sign as in the below screenshot :P.

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