Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fuck leotards!

Mo'ar stuff for my side-project...i've been studying quite alot of doom stuff lately, being that the project here kinda requires it.
I'm confused and bewildered with Doom, atleast the classic version...its a jumbled mess of styles slammed together in a non-cohesive way almost.

Trying to remedy this by taking something like the doors and giving them a unified looks, there's going to regardless be some nods to the original classic designs, and i'm finding it really hard to come up with an iconic design for the exit door.
Yet thats probably because in my mind, the exit door for doom can't look like just any door, the original design had a taste of giger'ish in it even.

Oh well i'll trod on, on a side note too i've mocked up the entire E1M1 level ('cept for secret areas) - and i'm having a REALLY hard time not just re-imagining the different areas...breaking a promise to myself here...this all just started with me wanting a new pistol, a new imp, zombie and a few touched up textures (help me please!!!).

Variations on the floor texture in E1M1, not really happy with the old one...sheesh, looks like something outta castle wolfenstein (but i didn't want to neglect nostalgia either).

Variation of the Starg3 texture (if you dont know what that is, then i can tell you it's the very first wall texture you see in Doom)

My pistol model, still lots of work to be done, but this is a nice resolution so far, im not planning on going higher poly than this because i want to keep the close-to-low poly-look.

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